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Writing Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Copy

Yes, robots read SEO copy. But why must so many so-called "optimized" websites read like a robot wrote them, too?

Your customers visit your web site to learn about your company, your products and your services. They have questions. You have answers. Excellent web copywriting should let nothing come between the two -- especially keyword madness.

Start with intelligent, message-based, benefit-driven copy. Keep the tone conversational and the content of each topic to about 250 words -- the sweet spot for online reading. Once you have your customer-centric message crafted, THEN and ONLY then, edit to be sure the keywords are there. If you've started with the right message, odds are, they are. You need only a bit of polish to be sure they shine appropriately. Feature keywords in titles. Drive them home in benefit descriptions.

But keep your eye on the prize. What good do you do your business if you capture the attention of the search engines but sacrifice the attention of your customers?

Mary June

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